There are tall gorgeous soft octocoral species and one such tree-like (arboreal) species is Paragorgia arborea, shown in this photograph. Underwater gorgonean gardens, dominated by dense aggregations of this octocoral species, are not uncommon off the Aleutian islands or Hawaiian islands in the North Pacific, Recently George (GIBS) participated in a NOAA monitoring cruise aboard ALBATROSS IV off Georges Bank and encountered P. arborea in the trawls taken in the Northwest Channel. The common occurrence of this habitat-forming species on biogenic structures are also known to fishermen and scientists off Nova Scotia, Canada. The question is: Is it wise to use ground-truthing bottom heavy trawl to survey scallops and benthic fish stock: Should we not wisely shift to ROV and AUV surveys in the elctronic age? Photo of a museum specimen taller than 6 ft,, taken by Dr. Stephen Cairns of Smithsonian Institution

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