GIBS Mission

The primary mission of GIBS is to:

  • Central to the purpose of GIBS is the promotion or christian stewardship of the created order on the Earth in light of declining biodiversity, ongoing climate change, the lack of sustainable utilization of natural resources, as well as to uphold such stewardship for the goal of glorifying God, who is the Creator and Sustainer of the Earth.

  • Promote public awareness of the influence of man’s unwise exploitive activities in the seas around us and take actions to reduce, and eventually curtail these human mismanagement that contributed to the rapid and significant environmental deterioration in the past few decades.

  • Focus on selected marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, deep-sea, pelagic ecosystems, seamounts and deep-sea coral habitats.

  • Organize symposia, public forum, town meetings and special seminars with prominent speakers and centers around the concept of bring together all stake-holders of the environment and ecosystems with an open mind with an “all inclusive, not exclusive” policy and approach.

  • Collaborate with other NGOs (eg. Environmental Defense, Deep-Sea Conservation Coalition) and governments (local, state, regional, national and international, including faith based management of natural sources).
  • With the dwindling fisheries in the coast and shelf (sadly), GIBS's mission includes wise use of our natural resources with particular emphasis on SUSTAINABILITY (staying within the boundaries of fisheries laws and regulations) whether it entails bill fish, Tuna, Sharks, Orange Roughy on seamounts or Snapper-Grouper species in shelf cold coral reefs.